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And It Was Good

And It Was Good Teacher Resource

And It Was Good: Teaching Science from a Christian Worldview includes sample lessons that fully and seamlessly integrate Christian worldview with the most current science standards. These engaging sample lessons are available for kindergarten through middle school and can be used in conjunction with any existing science curriculum, Christian or secular. Christian Schools International has developed this science education teacher resource to provide a template to integrate a strong Christian worldview in curriculum.

Each 50+ page booklet includes a frontmatter section, biblical worldview perspective statements for each Next Generation Science Standards storyline, and sample lessons built on essential questions and Teaching for Transformation Throughlines.

With the purchase of the And It Was Good teacher resource, customers will also receive access to a password-protected online resource. Users will be able to pick and choose from multiple web-based activities organized by grade level and NGSS storylines. These carefully selected web activities will allow teachers opportunities to help students practice incorporating the biblical worldview perspective into the act of “doing science.” Activities include games, videos, slideshows, music, teacher helps, demonstrations, and more.

We highly recommend connecting with our science specialist on an instructional training session after you have purchased the product. To learn more about implementing this new concept, go to or email

And It Was Good is available electronically through VitalSource:

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