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High School Science

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CSI supports this high school science curriculum for use. The integration of Christian worldview with solid science teaching will be a good fit for our member schools. These products have been reviewed and vetted by CSI-affiliated colleges and science educators, but only you can determine if they fit with your school’s specific theology, philosophy, or needs. Please conduct a thorough review of any product before purchasing. Visit or call 512.808.0655 to learn more and order materials.

Teaching Science So That Students Learn Science cover

Teaching Science So That Students Learn Science: A Paradigm for Christian Schools

Veteran educator John D. Mays lays out a revolutionary new paradigm for science education sorely needed today. Written in an accessible style and firmly grounded upon the biblical teaching of humans as God’s image bearers, he explains the principles and strategies schools need to establish a premier science program.


Novare Science Introductory Physics and Physics: Modeling Nature covers

High School Physics


Made for standard track 9– 11 grade students, Introductory Physics incorporates math, history, and epistemology.


This is a text especially suited to STEM programs with a college-preparatory mission. The text employs vector calculations and assumes students have taken trigonometry as a prerequisite. Problems in the text are not calculus-based.

When combined with Introductory Physics as part of a multi-year curriculum, between 90 and 95 percent of the AP syllabus is covered.


Novare Science General and Advanced Chemistry covers

High School Chemistry


General Chemistry is a chemistry curriculum for high school exhibiting Novare’s signature principles of mastery, integration, and kingdom perspective. It is recommended for standard track students who are taking Algebra II simultaneously, usually in 11th grade.


Chemistry for Accelerated Students is an ideal text for strong students who aspire to a STEM-oriented college program, or who just love science. This book contains up-to-date examples, fascinating illustrations, and lucid narrative.