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Curriculum Overviews - High School Bible Curriculum

High School Bible Curriculum

Christian Schools International’s high school Bible curriculum moves beyond stories of God’s love in a whole new way. God’s Unfolding Kingdom Old Testament curriculum and Hope for God’s Kingdom New Testament curriculum are designed for students grades 9–12. Together they collate the story of God’s kingdom into one compelling story. This curriculum will challenge students to understand, embrace, and apply God’s teachings to everyday life. High school teachers will appreciate the solid theology, personal application, and clear, concise, colorful teaching guide. A digital test bank in PDF and Word format allows teachers to customize exam questions. The Bible curriculum includes video introductions, designed to make the teaching experience even easier. Crafted to complement Christian Schools International’s K-8 Walking With God and His People series, God’s Unfolding Kingdom and Hope for God’s Kingdom are loaded with teacher helps designed to improve teaching and learning.

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God’s Unfolding Kingdom

Old Testament Summary—God’s Unfolding Kingdom

  • Unit 1 The Pentateuch: God Chooses Israel to Be His Redeemed People
  • Unit 2 The Pentateuch: God Redeems Israel and Expects Covenant Loyalty
  • Unit 3 The Histories: Israel Is Established as a Kingdom
  • Unit 4 The Writings: Poetry and Wisdom of Ancient Israel
  • Unit 5 The Histories: The Fall of Israel
  • Unit 6 The Histories: Israel in Exile
  • Unit 7 The Prophets: Israel’s Failure Yet Future Hope

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Hope For God's Kingdom

New Testament Summary—Hope for God’s Kingdom

  • Unit 1 Setting the Stage
  • Unit 2 The King Arrives
  • Unit 3 The King Accomplishes Redemption
  • Unit 4 The Gospels: Four Portraits of Jesus
  • Unit 5 Acts: The Church Spreads Christ's Kingdom
  • Unit 6 The Epistles: The Church as a New People
  • Unit 7 Revelation: A Coming King and a New Earth

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God's Unfolding Kingdom Old Testament teacher guide

Kingdom diagram video clip (Unit 1, Lesson 8)