1st Grade Bible Curriculum

In Grade 1 students move beyond the study of individual Bible characters to see how God’s people and their leaders were interlinked in God’s plan for the salvation of his people. While focusing on God’s perfect creation, students move through the introduction of sin into the world, the covenants God made with his people, and how he kept his promises despite the people’s unfaithfulness.

Each curriculum in grades 1 through 4 begins with the study of a New Testament epistle and challenges students to find ways they can live their faith in Jesus Christ. Teachers can teach these lessons at any point in the curriculum. The epistle for Grade 1 is 1 John.

The curriculum set includes a comprehensive teacher guide packed with lesson plans, Bible resources, Bible memory, and countless activity ideas plus a workbook for each student with learning activities, hands-on crafts, and much more.

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Unit 1: 1 John (7 lessons)
Unit 2: Creation, Fall, Noah, and Babel (6 lessons)
Unit 3: Abraham (9 lessons)
Unit 4: Isaac and Jacob (6 lessons)
Unit 5: Joseph (12 lessons)
Unit 6: Moses and Israel (12 lessons)
Unit 7: Settling the Land (6 lessons)
Unit 8: Judges: Othniel, Gideon, Samson, and Ruth (10 lessons)
Unit 9: Samuel and Saul (9 lessons)
Unit 10: David (10 lessons)
Unit 11: King Solomon (5 lessons)
Unit 12: Psalms and Proverbs (7 lessons)
Unit 13: Divided Kingdom (9 lessons)
Unit 14: Exile: Daniel and Esther (7 lessons)
Unit 15: Return from Exile (6 lessons)
Unit 16: Christmas (7 lessons)
Unit 17: Easter (10 lessons)
Flexible Christmas, Easter and Epistle units are provided.