Bible Grade 3



3rd Grade Bible Curriculum

In Grade 3, students begin to use their cognitive skills to study the Old Testament with a focus on what it means for people to be created in God’s image. Starting with two flexible units—a study of Ephesians and a unit on Bible study helps—lessons begin to emphasize a Christian’s identity in relationship to God, and what that identity promises and requires. During this Old Testament study, students learn of God’s characteristics, such as holiness, justice, mercy, and love. They also learn what it means to be created in God’s image and see how others created in God’s image responded in faith and disobedience to him.

The curriculum set includes a comprehensive teacher guide packed with lesson plans, Bible resources, Bible memory, and countless activity ideas. Student workbooks contain engaging learning activities as well as a 32-page, four-color Bible dictionary complete with photos and maps. Downloadable student test banks are also available beginning at Grade 3.

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Unit 1: Ephesians (6 lessons)
Unit 2 Bible Study Helps: Footnotes, Concordances, and Maps (8 lessons)
Unit 3: Creation (6 lessons)
Unit 4: Fall–Babel: Need for a Savior (7 lessons)
Unit 5: Abraham (12 lessons)
Unit 6: Isaac and Jacob (14 lessons)
Unit 7: Joseph (12 lessons)
Unit 8: Moses and Exodus (12 lessons)
Unit 9: Traveling in the Wilderness (12 lessons)
Unit 10: Worshiping God: Tabernacle and Feasts (10 lessons)
Unit 11: Forty More Years in the Wilderness (15 lessons)
Unit 12: Settling Canaan (13 lessons)
Flexible Epistle and Bible study helps units are provided.