Bible Grade 4



4th Grade Bible Curriculum

Grade 4 builds on the lessons of Grade 3, starting with two flexible units: a study of Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians and a unit on the writing of the Bible that covers the development of writing during ancient times, the writing of the Bible, and the organization of the Bible.

Students then begin an in-depth study of Israel from the time of the judges until Israel’s exile. These units show students numerous examples of God’s faithfulness and how he showed both justice and mercy to his people. Students start making the connection between these biblical examples and how God and those he places in authority have shown justice and mercy. Students also note the many promises of hope and salvation that God gives to his people, especially in the final unit on Isaiah.

The workbook presents each student with learning activities on two-color perforated pages, hands-on crafts, as well as a 32-page, four-color Bible dictionary complete with photos, maps, and memory verse references. Downloadable student test banks are also available.

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Unit 1: Philippians (6 lessons)
Unit 2: Bible – Writing of the Bible and Techniques Used by the Ancients to Write (8 lessons)
Unit 3: Review of Creation – Joshua (6 lessons)
Unit 4: Judges (13 lessons)
Unit 5: Ruth (5 lessons)
Unit 6: Samuel (6 lessons)
Unit 7: Saul (14 lessons)
Unit 8: David (9 lessons)
Unit 9: King Solomon (7 lessons)
Unit 10: Psalms and Proverbs (9 lessons)
Unit 11: Divided Kingdom (7 lessons)
Unit 12: Elijah (9 lessons)
Unit 13: Elisha (7 lessons)
Unit 14: After Ahab to Israel’s exile (12 lessons)
Unit 15: Isaiah (6 lessons)
Flexible Epistle and Bible writing history units are provided.