Bible Grade 6


6th Grade Bible Curriculum

The Grade 6 curriculum completes the four-year study of the Bible begun in Grade 3. It starts with an Old Testament review focused on the need for and plan of salvation. Students then draw connections between the Old Testament and New Testament through a detailed study of Jesus’ ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension. Students also take a closer look at Paul’s missionary journeys, learning how God’s gift of salvation was extended to the Gentiles and spread throughout the world.

Students gain insights into how to share the gospel message through the examples of Peter, Paul, and others, and increase their understanding of how everyday people are used to build God’s kingdom. In addition to their study of Colossians, students take a general look at the letters the apostles sent to the early church, followed by a study of the Book of Revelation and God’s promise of everlasting life with him.

The companion workbook includes engaging learning activities, and additional resources, as well as a 32-page, four-color Bible dictionary complete with photos and maps. Downloadable student test banks are also available.

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Unit 1: Colossians (6 lessons)
Unit 2: The Setting of God’s Story (10 lessons)
Unit 3: Later Judean Ministry (12 lessons)
Unit 4: Triumphal Entry through Passover (10 lessons)
Unit 5: Last Supper and Jesus’ Death (9 lessons)
Unit 6: Jesus’ Resurrection (10 lessons)
Unit 7: Pentecost, Peter, Stephen, and Philip (11 lessons)
Unit 8: Paul’s Missionary Journeys (5 lessons)
Unit 9: Journey Two (8 lessons)
Unit 10: Paul’s Journeys Continue (11 lessons)
Unit 11: Letters to the Churches (12 lessons)
Unit 12: Revelation (7 lessons)