Bible Grade 8


8th Grade Bible Curriculum

Students in Grade 8 will continue the thematic approach to studying the Bible, beginning with the birth of Jesus and continuing through his early ministry, death, and resurrection. A unit on New Testament writings gives students an opportunity to note the various challenges facing the New Testament churches and compare them with today’s challenges. The unit concludes with a study of Revelation that introduces students to apocalyptic literature as well as God’s plans for those who have been saved through Christ.

In a unit on personal devotions, students discover how a meaningful devotional habit strengthens their relationship with God and helps them grow in faith and obedience.

A series of units on church history concludes the Grade 8 curriculum. Students learn what happened to the church after the conclusion of the New Testament and follow its progress through the centuries to issues facing the church today. Students will recognize how God continued to work in the lives of his people throughout the history of the church and is present with us now, just as he promised.

An optional online (downloadable) unit focuses on the novel The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by the great Christian writer C.S. Lewis.

Textbook content is supported by workbook assignments, maps, and activities specifically developed to help students understand what it means to walk with God and his people. Downloadable test banks are available.

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Unit 1: The Early Church (16 lessons)
Unit 2: New Testament Writings (16 lessons)
Unit 3: Personal Devotions (16 lessons)
Unit 4: Church History (60 lessons)
Flexible C.S. Lewis Novel is available on CD or by download if requested.