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The Association of Christian Schools International offers curriculum products through Purposeful Design Publications. CSI’s partnership with ACSI allows us to offer some of these products to member schools.

All of the products below have been reviewed and vetted by CSI staff, but only you can determine if they fit with your school’s specific theology, philosophy, or needs. Please conduct a thorough review of any product before purchasing.

Order these products directly from Purposeful Design Publications at, contact, or call 800.367.0798.

Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration

Too often, teachers feel ill-equipped to present a compelling, integrated biblical worldview. In Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration, Dr. Martha E. MacCullough presents a biblical integration model that fosters worldview thinking in teachers and students—and can be used even by teachers with no formal biblical training.

Order Undivided online at

Steppingstones for Curriculum


This resource explains how a Christian worldview affects everyday classroom planning. Using actual school and classroom examples, this book gives teachers practical insight into organizing school-based curriculum planning; developing, adapting, and implementing classroom units; engaging the head and the heart through effective learning activities; evaluating curriculum resources; realizing Christian approaches in the subject disciplines; and becoming a curriculum leader in a school.

Order Steppingstones for Curriculum online at

Open Doors

This interactive CD provides a rationale for welcoming international students to Christian schools, steps to start an international student program (ISP), information on how to work with students and host families, fillable
forms, and handbooks that are ready to use as is with your ISP.

Order Open Doors online at


Encyclopedia of Bible Truths


This comprehensive index to the Bible lists a wide variety of subjects covered and defined in light of Scripture. This tool will help you answer questions, prepare lessons, do research, and lead topical studies. Volumes include Social Studies, Language Arts/English, Science/Mathematics, and Fine Arts/Health. A four-volume set is also available.

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