Hope for God’s Kingdom (New Testament) – Electronic Teacher Guide (Grades 9-12)

Our Bible curriculum for high school is relevant, scholarly, and rich in reformed worldview. Our curriculum calls students to examine their lives and the role they play in God’s kingdom. The earthly ministry of Jesus changed the world. This curriculum focuses on Jesus’ ministry, as well as the early church, and concludes with a study of the Revelation of John.

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This New Testament survey continues the compelling story from God’s Unfolding Kingdom, showing the hope and redemption offered through Jesus. The study allows student participation encouraging meaningful skill development and practice of ideas as the curriculum guides students through the text of the New Testament. Each lesson opens with a section that both introduces the topic and presents the lesson’s objectives. The Bridge section ties in prior knowledge and often includes an open-ended activity that provides a strong transition to the main idea of the lesson. More guided practice such as collaborative work, discussion questions, and jigsaw questions are presented in the Scripture Link and Student Activities sections of the lessons. Looking Ahead provides a devotional aspect by encouraging students to read their Bibles while also preparing them for what is to be taught in the next lesson. Topics included in this study are The King, Redemption, The Gospels, The Church, The Epistles, and a Coming King and a New Earth. Student workbook activity sheets in a black line master format are included (PDF view only).

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