Walking With God and His People – Electronic Teacher Guide (Grade 2)

Walking With God is an academic course designed to study the Bible in depth, including instruction on the use of tools such as footnotes, maps, and concordances. Students learn about the Bible itself—its history and structure—as well as its overarching themes and storylines. They also learn how to use the Bible appropriately in order to understand God’s will and shape their own lives.

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The grade 2 curriculum introduces students to the time between the Old and the New Testament. Students see how important these years were in God’s preparation for the coming Messiah, and study events of the New Testament such as the Passion Week, Jesus’ crucifixion, and resurrection. The curriculum starts with the study of a New Testament epistle, the book of James, that challenges students to find ways they can apply their faith in Jesus Christ. The curriculum concludes with a study of how Jesus’ followers responded to their salvation in Christ and students are challenged to respond faithfully, like Peter and Paul to Christ’s saving work. Teachers can teach these lessons at any point in the curriculum. Other topics in this grade level include Jesus’ ministry as a Child at the Temple, 12 Disciples, Sermon on the Mount, Feeding the Five Thousand, Miracle at Cana, and Raising Lazarus. Student workbook activity sheets in a black line master format are included (PDF view only).

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