Life Science 2nd Edition – Textbook (Grades 7-9)

The following topics are covered in this curriculum: Life, Viruses, Bacteria, Protoctists, and Fungi, Plants, Animals, The Human Body, Genetics and Heredity, and Ecology.


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The hardcover student textbook includes:

  • A biblical perspective on the study and care of God’s world.
  • Scientific information on each lesson topic.
  • Photographs and diagrams to clarify unfamiliar or complicated topics.
  • A wide range of experiments, activities, and sidebars.
  • Review questions that assess student understanding of the material.
  • Text layouts have been updated to include colored tabs to easily differentiate units. Unit and chapter page numbers appear in the table of contents for quick reference.

See additional changes/updates listed on the Curriculum Overview Science 2nd Edition page

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