Stand-Alone Science Units

Science 2nd Edition Electronic Stand-Alone Units

These science stand-alone units are a collection of additional flexible units, lessons, and experiments not found in our 2nd edition science curriculum. The stand-alone units are designed to enhance and reinforce teaching students about God’s hand in the world around them. The units provide teaching flexibility, activity options and additional resources that make it ideal for use in any teaching setting. The grades 3–5 and 6–8 units include test banks.

The science stand-alone units are available in electronic format through VitalSource for the following grades:

All eCurriculum purchases are by credit card only. These items cannot be ordered as preview copies and cannot be returned for a refund. Science stand-alone units do not allow any pages to be printed or for any parts to be shared electronically. PDF view only.

To purchase bulk licenses for CSI eCurriculum, contact VitalSource by phone at 855.200.4146 and request a bulk license order. Online orders only allow for single license purchases.

Note: Christian Schools International membership discount does not apply to electronic products.

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