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We are dedicated to providing teachers with the tools they need to thrive in their classrooms. At Christian Schools International, we offer a wide range of comprehensive curriculum products, guides, and digital resources designed to support teachers in their mission to engage and inspire students. Our Bible and science curriculums go beyond just imparting knowledge – they instill a deep understanding of the Bible, build a solid foundation of faith, and offer high-quality content that can be easily adjusted to meet the unique needs of each school. Invest in our curriculum solutions and empower your teachers to create meaningful learning experiences for their students.


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Biblical Worldview.

We believe that Christian education is firmly rooted in God’s Word and God’s world, and we profess the following statements of faith:

Source of all truth

A biblically informed curriculum points to God as the source of all truth, leads students toward biblical wisdom and a response to God’s call to discipleship, and nurtures all students toward Christlike living. God’s truth permeates every academic subject and educational initiative. Faith is embedded in curriculum, and faith and learning are inseparable.

Freedom to grow

Everything is created by God– from the smallest molecule to the greatest star. God equips humans with the gift of research and discovery so that every aspect of his creation can be known in his appointed time.

God created humans in his image as whole persons– spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. We have both the freedom and the responsibility to develop each of these areas of our lives. Our creator wants for us to discover, probe, and seek after knowledge in every discipline.

Living our faith

While the latest theories and discoveries may attempt to undermine God, nothing can shake our faith in the creator of the universe. This profession does not mean blind adherence to our beliefs. Rather, we must use our minds to recognize and make the case for truth. Along the way, we must show mercy, promote justice, and share in the work of Jesus as we collaborate to make the world a better place.