RVL Discipleship: The Curriculum

Bring your high school students on a transformative journey of spiritual growth with RVL Discipleship: The Curriculum, a groundbreaking video course designed to revolutionize the way your students engage with the Bible. Led by the esteemed biblical educator and ordained minister, Ray Vander Laan, this course is not just another biblical study program; it’s an immersive experience that brings the Scriptures to life like never before.

Product Information

At the heart of RVL Discipleship: The Curriculum lies a series of captivating streaming videos, taken from a course RVL has taught for more than 35 years, that serve as windows into the rich tapestry of biblical wisdom. Through these videos, students are guided through four distinct units of spiritual discovery. They begin by unraveling the intricacies of contextual Bible interpretation, laying a solid foundation for deeper exploration. From there, they delve into profound insights into God’s design for family, community, and personal identity, gaining invaluable perspectives for navigating life’s journey.

CSI members receive a 10 percent discount on student licenses. The fee for each school license is $80 per semester. The fee for each student license is:

  • $169 per semester, per seat for 1–24 seats
  • $159 per semester, per seat for 25–49 seats
  • $149 per semester, per seat for more than 49 seats

What RVL Discipleship: The Curriculum Includes

What sets RVL Discipleship: The Curriculum apart is its comprehensive approach. With forty meticulously crafted lessons spanning across the four units, students are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to fuel their spiritual growth. From teacher syllabi and materials to homework assignments, essay tests, and reference maps, every aspect is meticulously designed to facilitate learning and understanding. Additionally, students have access to a glossary of Hebrew words, a bibliography, and suggested reading materials, enriching their understanding and contextualizing their studies.

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