Bible Grade 2


2nd Grade Bible Curriculum

Students are introduced to material during the time between the Old Testament and the New Testament and see how important these years were in God’s preparation for the coming Messiah. The Book of James is the featured epistle in Grade 2.

In their study of the New Testament, students trace how Jesus revealed himself as God’s promised Messiah. They study the events of Passion Week, Jesus’ crucifixion, and the resurrection. The curriculum concludes with a study of how Jesus’ followers responded to their salvation in Christ. Students are challenged to respond faithfully, like Peter and Paul, to Christ’s saving work.

The curriculum set includes a comprehensive teacher guide packed with lesson plans, Bible resources, Bible memory, and countless activity ideas plus a workbook for each student with learning activities, hands-on crafts, and much more.

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Unit 1: James (6 lessons)
Unit 2: Old Testament Review—Focus on the Promised Messiah (10 lessons)
Unit 3: Intertestamentary Times (7 lessons)
Unit 4: Christmas (9 lessons)
Unit 5: Jesus’ Ministry: Child at the Temple, Baptism, Temptation, 12 Disciples, and Sermon on the Mount (10 lessons)
Unit 6: Jesus Preaches: Feeding the five thousand, Transfiguration, and Rich Young Ruler (10 lessons)
Unit 7: Prayer (5 lessons)
Unit 8: Jesus’ Miracles: Miracle at Cana, Calming the Sea, Raising Jairus’ Daughter, and Raising Lazarus (12 lessons)
Unit 9: Jesus’ Parables: Mustard Seed, Pearl of Great Price, Ten Talents, and the Lost Son (12 lessons)
Unit 10: The Beginning of Passion Week (6 lessons)
Unit 11: Easter (13 lessons)
Unit 12: Early Church (9 lessons)
Unit 13: Paul’s Missionary Journeys (11 lessons)
Unit 14: Paul to Rome (7 lessons)
Unit 15: Jesus’ Promised Return (4 lessons)
Flexible Epistle unit is provided.