Bible Grade 5



5th Grade Bible Curriculum

Moving into a fully illustrated hard-cover textbook, the Grade 5 curriculum focuses on God’s covenant promises. The Old Testament units demonstrate that God did not abandon his people during their exile from the Promised Land, but cared for them during the exile by raising up leaders such as Daniel and Esther. As God prepared his people for their return to Judah, he provided new leaders in Ezra and Nehemiah. And God sent John the Baptist to prepare his people for Jesus’ ministry.

Then students connect the Old Testament promises to their New Testament fulfillment. In the lessons about Jesus’ early life and ministry, students recognize that Jesus perfectly fulfilled God’s Old Testament promises by carrying out his Father’s work as he ministered to people. Students also will reflect on Jesus’ statements about his death and resurrection. Throughout this curriculum, students are challenged to think of ways that God is preparing them for work in his kingdom.

Student workbooks contain engaging learning activities as well as photos and maps. Downloadable student test banks are also available.

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Unit 1: 1 Peter (7 lessons)
Unit 2: God’s Covenant People (7 lessons)
Unit 3: Last Days of Judah (10 lessons)
Unit 4: In Exile: Daniel (7 lessons)
Unit 5: Esther (5 lessons)
Unit 6: Judah’s Return (9 lessons)
Unit 7: The Writers (6 lessons)
Unit 8: Jesus’ Birth and Early Life (12 lessons)
Unit 9: Jesus’ Early Ministry (7 lessons)
Unit 10: Jesus’ Ministry Extends (8 lessons)
Unit 11: Sermon on the Mount (9 lessons)
Unit 12: Growing Popularity (7 lessons)
Unit 13: Parables of the Kingdom (7 lessons)
Unit 14: Ministry around Galilee (7 lessons)
Unit 15: Continued Ministry (7 lessons)