Bible Grade P


Pre-Kindergarten Bible Curriculum

Faith formation begins by establishing personal relationships between children and God. In prekindergarten, the overarching theme is God’s care and love for his people.

The prekindergarten curriculum presents students with an overview of the entire Bible. The Old Testament stories introduce students to biblical characters in a way that shows how God displayed his love and took care of each of these people. The New Testament lessons focus on Jesus’ walk with individuals, and on stories and parables that illustrate how Christians are to care for others.

The curriculum set includes a comprehensive teacher guide packed with lesson plans, Bible resources, Bible memory, and countless activity ideas, plus a workbook for each student with learning activities, hands-on crafts, and much more.

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Unit 1: Creation – Flood (8 Lessons)
Unit 2: Abraham – Joseph (8 Lessons)
Unit 3: Moses, Samuel, and David (11 Lessons)
Unit 4: Christmas (5 Lessons)
Unit 5: Elijah, Elisha, King Josiah, Jonah, Daniel, and Esther (9 Lessons)
Unit 6: Jesus’ Ministry: Visit to the Temple, Nicodemus, Twelve Disciples, Blessing Of Children, and The Samaritan Woman (5 Lessons)
Unit 7: Jesus’ Miracles: Focusing on the Senses (8 Lessons)
Unit 8: Jesus Tells Stories: Good Shepherd, Sower, Wise and Foolish Builders, Prodigal Son, and Good Samaritan (5 Lessons)
Unit 9: Jesus Teaches His Children How to Live: Prayer, Greatest Commandment, and Care for Others (4 Lessons)
Unit 10: Easter (6 Lessons)
Unit 11: Gospel Message to the World: Great Commission, Pentecost, Philip, Peter, and Paul (6 Lessons)
Flexible Christmas and Easter units are provided.