Bible Grade 7



7th Grade Bible Curriculum

In the Grade 7 curriculum, a thematic approach replaces the chronological approach employed in the earlier grades. Concentrating on the Old Testament, the units focus on such topics as God’s covenant and his promise of a Savior. The unit on the feasts of Israel helps students make connections between the feasts and the work of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. The unit on Job and Ecclesiastes give students an opportunity to study two books of the Bible that were not presented in previous grades. Studying Proverbs gives students practical guidelines for how they are to live as God’s children, and with the study of the prophets gives students a personalized look at God’s characteristics and the promises he made to Israel.

In the unit on prayer, students learn more about God’s gift of prayer, and how to use it to build their relationships with God. Optional downloadable units on intertestamentarytimes and biblical archeology give students additional insights into life in biblical times and Bible history. The final unit on literary genres was developed to assist students as they read Scripture. The patterns and features of the literary techniques in the Bible will add another dimension to the students’ biblical understanding.

Textbook content is supported by workbook assignments, maps, and activities specifically developed to help students understand what it means to walk with God and his people. Downloadable test banks are available.

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Unit 1: Old Testament Themes (16 lessons)
Unit 2: Feasts of Israel (15 lessons)
Unit 3: Job and Ecclesiastes (16 lessons)
Unit 4: Proverbs (15 lessons)
Unit 5: Prophets (15 lessons)
Unit 6: Prayer (16 lessons)
Unit 7: Intertestamentary Times (15 lessons)
Unit 8: Literary Genres (16 lessons)