Walking With God and His People – Teacher Guide (Grade 1)

The grade 1 curriculum presents students with a study of individual Old Testament Bible characters to see how God’s people and their leaders were interlinked in the plan for salvation. Students learn of the covenants God made with his people and how he kept them despite their unfaithfulness. The curriculum starts with the study of a New Testament epistle, 1 John, which challenges students to find ways they can apply their faith in Jesus Christ. Teachers can teach these lessons at any point in the curriculum. Some other topics included in this grade level are Noah and Babel, Moses and Israel, the Judges, David and King Solomon, the divided kingdom, and the return from exile.

Click here for a full grade level curriculum overview.

Printed activity sheets in blackline master format are included.


280 in stock

280 in stock

Product Information

The teacher guide includes:

  • A comprehensive teacher guide packed with lesson plans,
  • Bible resources,
  • Bible memory,
  • Countless activity ideas,
  • Student workbook activity sheets in blackline master format,
  • Head, Heart and Hand call-outs/descriptors,
  • Guide is in a “lay-flat” binding format,
  • Flexible Christmas, Easter and Epistle units are provided.

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Sample teacher guide lesson.
Scope and sequence.

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