Walking With God and His People – Teacher Guide (Grade 6)

The grade 6 curriculum completes the four-year study of the Bible begun in grade 3. Students will draw connections between the Old and New Testament through their review study of Jesus’ ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension.  Insights will be gained into how to share the gospel message through the examples of Peter, Paul, and others. The curriculum includes a study of Colossians and the letters sent by the apostles to the early church. This is followed by a study of the Book of Revelation and God’s promise of everlasting life with Him. Evaluations with a complete set of test items for each unit can be purchased separately for this grade.


Click here for a full grade level curriculum overview.


Printed activity sheets in black line master format are included.


373 in stock

373 in stock

Product Information

The teacher guide includes:

  • A comprehensive teacher guide packed with lesson plans,
  • Bible resources,
  • Bible memory,
  • Countless activity ideas,
  • Student workbook activity sheets in blackline master format,
  • Head, Heart, and Hand call-outs/descriptors,
  • The guide is in a “lay-flat” binding format

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Sample teacher guide lesson.
Scope and sequence.

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